A Total System Approach


Our total systems approach is a comprehensive engineering philosophy that combines the most advanced LED sources, driver technologies, optics and form into each product. The result is highly- reliable luminaire solutions for both indoor and outdoor that reduce energy consumption, extend lifetimes and maximize illumination performance and quality.


Advanced LED Technology
Inside every Cree luminaire are top-quality Cree LEDs, made from the finest materials and grown by experts in our very own labs. With over one billion hours of reliable LED operation logged, our proven track record explains why we offer the industry’s broadest warranty.


Modular Design
We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, Cree strives to create application-specific solutions, such as our modular outdoor light engines, which can be fine-tuned to meet any illumination requirement while consuming the least amount of energy possible.


Specialized Optics
For our patented NanoOptic refractor system, Cree luminaires feature individually optimized optics designed for both visual appeal and precise control, maximizing photometric performance, aesthetics and color mixing all at once.

Progressive Product Development


As technology leaders, we are continuously advancing our state-of-the-art LED lighting systems to gain the highest efficiency and quality of light from our luminaires. Dynamic R&D focuses on maximizing efficiency in every part of the luminaire, while Cree world-class engineering, highly experienced manufacturing teams and overall operational excellence combine to produce our distinctive top-performing LED lighting products.


Thermal Management
Excellent thermal management contributes to optimal illumination, reliability and longevity. From advanced heat sink technology to our vented outdoor housings, Cree luminaires are designed to maximize cooling, making their unmatched performance and longevity possible.


Reliable and Optimized Drivers
The drivers utilized in Cree luminaires are extremely reliable and are specifically designed to our high-efficiency standards. A variety of drive current options provide flexibility, while our integrated sensors and controls can offer total system solutions.


Style and Performance
Cree luminaires incorporate all the critical design elements needed to deliver exceptional performance and easy installation, all without compromising style. Our modern yet low-profile designs and high quality finishes offer beautiful aesthetics to any application, indoors and out.