THE EDGE® High Output Series

THE EDGE® High Output luminaire is designed to deliver high lumen packages with precise optical control. Upgrade friendly unit features a slim, low profile design that minimizes wind load requirements.

Available with rugged die cast aluminum adjustable arm that mounts to a vertical 60-76mm O.D. minimum 95mm tall tenon, or with direct/surface mount to vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Also, available with Cree TrueWhite Technology, the Cree Edge High Output helps to beautifully render true colors and deliver value beyond energy savings.

  • Adjustable Arm mount: it is rugged die cast aluminum and mounts to 60–76mm O.D. minimum 95mm tall vertical tenon. Luminaire is adjustable from horizontal 90˚ towards pole and 120˚ away from pole
  • Direct/Surface mount: it comes with two NPT plugs for surface wiring. Luminaire is adjustable 90˚ up from horizontal in 5˚ increments.
  • Extruded aluminum adjustable mounting shaft
  • Luminaire sides are rugged die cast aluminum with integral weathertight LED driver compartments and high performance heat sinks
  • Patented NanoOptic Product Technology
  • Slim, low profile, minimizing wind load requirements
  • Standard color is Silver. Bronze, Black, White and Silver Bronze are also available
  • Utilizes BetaLED Technology
  • Utilizes Cree TrueWhite Technology on 5000K luminaires
  • CRI: Minimum 70 CRI (4000K & 5700K); 90 CRI (5000K)
  • CCT: 5700K Standard, 5000K, 4000K
  • Montaggio: Adjustable Arm Mount, Direct/Surface Mount, Surface/Direct Mount for High-Bay Applications
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Mounting - Adjustable Arm

Mounting - Direct/Surface

Mounting - Surface/Direct (High-Bay)

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