Dedicated Optic Choices for the Flexibility You Need

Traditional technologies offer limited choices when it comes to optical selections.

Cree has changed this with our patented and highly-efficient NanoOptic® refractor technology.
Our wide range of NanoOptic options provides new possibilities for highly-optimized target
illumination performance and the flexibility needed for application-specific requirements.
Our NanoOptic refractor system provides superior light control with:
• More lumens delivered in the target area
• Improved uniformity ratios
• Controlled high angle brightness
• Multiple optical distribution patterns to choose from

Unlike other LED technologies traditionally available on the market, the design and optical control in CREE starts with the selection and development of the LED source itself;
The unique asymmetrical design of the primary lens that characterizes our diode ensures maximum system efficiency for road distribution. Our optical engineers design our tailor made optical units around the best LED technology available on the market, the patented NanoOptic® Precision Delivery Grid™ system ensures a minimum optical efficiency of 93%, and up to 96%: a true record for road photometrics!
The special polymer with which we produce our lenses ensures maximum transmittance, is stabilized against UV rays and is guaranteed against yellowing over time.
The maximum loss of transparency reaches 3% over a period of 10 years.