The Railway Bridge in Roma Ostiense

Rome, Italy

Project Summary:

The architecture of the new bridge, that draws a complicated arc of white tubes, has 160 meters of longitudinal extension (of which about 125 totally suspended) and reaches a height of about 125 meters. The bridge Roma Ostiense consists of a road platform made of two separated roadways, each with three lanes in per direction. It was realized a cycle track on both sides of about a meter and a half wide.


For the entire project were used in total 32 units, of which 8 are on the road, 24 on the bridge. The devices LEDway Road, each equipped with 80 LEDs for a color temperature of 4000 K, were positioned at a height of 8 meters, at a distance from each other of 30 meters on the road and 20 meters on the bridge .
In parking lots below have also been installed 13 units Cree Edge Wall.

Project Values:

On the street:

Average illumination: 30 lux, Uo = 0.47


On the bridge:

Average illumination: 42 lux, Uo = 0.59

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