Street Illumination Zambana

City of Zambana, Italia


Street lighting in Zambana was designed specifically to fit the town’s varying lighting needs: 11 THE EDGE Street fixtures of 20 LED were installed on 6 m columns 22 m apart in alleyways, while 64 THE EDGE Street fixtures of 40 LED were installed on 6-7 m columns 26 m apart in side streets. Main roads on the other hand were lit with 77 THE EDGE Street fixtures of 60 LED installed on columns from 8 m to 9.5 m in height and 30 m apart. All fixtures were fitted with asymmetric street optic type TSB with no back-lighting.

Project Values:

Main roads/side streets:

Average illumination > 10.52 Lux – Uo > 0.64


Average illumination > 7.37 Lux – Uo > 0.43

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