Street Illumination Jesi

City of Jesi, Italy


32 THE EDGE Street fixtures of 60 LED with incorporated light control (option G) and 6000 K colour temperature were used in this project, replacing the old HM 250-400 W bulbs. To guarantee uniform lighting along 9 m-wide streets using fixtures installed on columns 5.5 m above ground (maximum height permitted in tree-lined areas), asymmetric street optic type PR was used. To complete the project, 21 suspended (L-mounted) THE EDGE Park fixtures of 60 LED were installed in side roads. Bilateral asymmetric street optic type TS was used for this type of fixture. The fixtures were installed at a height of 7 m and 25 m apart.

Project Values:

Via XXIV Maggio:

Ground illumination average 25/30 Lux
Uo= 0.46

Side roads:

Average illumination= 16 Lux
Uo= 0.4

Energy Savings:

A total of 264 street lamps were installed and 70% energy savings were achieved, as the new lights consume less power, and some are also fitted with a special light control option.

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