Nicas Sports Hall


Project Summary:

In 2017, the local council of Nicas in the Latvian region of Kurzeme, turned to Cree Europe to install an energy-efficient LED lighting system in its newly commissioned low-carbon sports hall complex.

The sports hall was built as part of a wider initiative to encourage a less carbon-dependent economy, and to inspire local children and teenagers to enjoy a wide variety of indoor sports, from volleyball to basketball and football, and much more.

Nicas council was after a high-class, zero maintenance lighting installation that would give the sports hall and complementary areas like the gym, an aerobics room, changing rooms and hallways, the professional look the new building deserved, while keeping electricity bills low.

The main challenge facing Gaismas Stils SIA – the Latvian lighting consulancy in charge of lighting on the project – was to design an LED lighting solution that met the different lighting requirements of each space, while giving the new sports hall a shining finish.


Gaismas Stils SIA designed a custom-made LED lighting solution using four of its bestselling LED lights from Cree’s extenstive portfolio to meet the lighting requirements of the different rooms and spaces in the new building. Each indoor product was equipped with the signature Cree TrueWhite® Technology – which creates a flawless colour rendition and a warm, uniform white light.

Cree also supplied 42 CR150 (1000L, 3000K) downlights for the bathrooms and 59 CR22 LED troffers (3200L, 3000K) for the hallways, gym and aerobics area. The CR22 fits seamlessly into any space, and its Cree TrueWhite® Technology,  provides exceptional clarity and consistent lighting without a flicker or glare to help minimize fatigue, encourage alertness, and help atheletes stay focused for longer. The CR22 is also equipped with a dimming option, allowing staff to adjust the luminosity of each space depending on the sports activity, or time of day.

To compensate for the higher ceilings in the cafeteria, dressing rooms, bathrooms, stretches of the corridors and the warehouse and maintenance spaces, Gaismas Stils installed 73 Cree LE Series luminaires (3200L, 30K). Designed for surface mounting, the LE Series can be fitted directly onto the ceiling, either separately or in a single, ongoing line – doing away with the need for artificial ceilings or pre-drilled holes for troffer lights. The LE Series also offers the same quality of lighting as the CR22, thanks to the Cree TrueWhite® Technology.

Finally, 35 Ledway Multi (120Led, 4000K) were installed along the sports hall ceiling. Although typically an outdoor luminaire, its different mounting systems make the Ledway Multi extremely versatile and ideal for indoor ceiling mounting and illuminating large, open spaces. The luminaire’s strong build also makes it highly impact resistant, which is essential in a team sports setting.

The Ledway Multi also offers optimal visibility and produces a crisp white light, which thanks to Cree Patented NanoOptic® Technology, can be targeted precisely where it is needed, which is key to uniformly-lighting up a playing field or pitch.

Energy Savings:

Gaismas Stils’ custom-made approach, combined with the quality of Cree lighting mean all the spaces in the sports hall are now well-lit, creating a bright and enjoyable space for gym-goers, children and staff.

Laurynas Zdanavičius, Chairman of the board of Gaismas Stils SIA said: “The new sports hall is a light and pleasant environment. The lighting is perfectly even and bright but not glaring. It’s a really comfortable space to exercise in and express yourself through sport.”

Studies have also shown that this standard of lighting and colour rendering have been known to improve focus and encourage more positive attitudes in children and adults, meaning athletes can train for longer without getting tired.

The energy-efficiency of the lighting installation also guarantees minimal energy and maintenance costs, delivering on Nicas council’s ambition to build a low-carbon sports hall. Laurynas Zdanavičius commented: “Cree’s LED lighting installation to save Nicas council between 50-60% on energy costs compared to a traditional lighting source, and up to 95% on maintenance costs, with a full return on investment within two to three years.”

What’s more, the project ran smoothly on all sides and working with Nicas council, Gaismas Stils SIA and the building company, was overall a positive and productive experience. “Nicas council and construction team on the project were very satisfied working with Cree. The delivery of the lighting solution was on time, the quality of the products is great, and the mounting of the luminaires was simple”, said Laurynas Zdanavičius.

Cree’s LED luminaires and fixtures are also equipped with engineered durability, and are backed by up by a Cree warranty, so Nicas local council can rest assured that their sports hall will continue to shine for years to come.

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