Large Office Space Lighting

Hampshire, UK

Project Summary:

Paradigm Communication Systems is a company headquartered in the UK, specializing in satellite communication for a broad range of customers.

When Paradigm chose to relocate to a new facility, they took the opportunity to light the new offices with state-of-the art lighting, looking for a lighting system that helps to create a comfortable working space and is able to adapt to the diverse lighting needs throughout the day.


The new project included the installation of Cree® CR100-680L and CR150-1000L downlights and CR22 troffers in their interior spaces, choosing between different Cree products for the specific lighting needs of each individual space while significantly lowering energy and maintenance bills.

The new lighting system was then complemented with a wireless presence and occupancy detection system, from Lutron, to adapt luminance levels throughout the day.

Energy Savings:

The whole project recorded an energy saving of over 75% compared with the existing solution and a return on investment in 1.4 years.

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