Ikea – Wembley

London, UK

Project Summary:

IKEA has chosen Cree Lighting to upgrade the flagship Wembley store with energy efficient LED lighting for the store interior, the multi-storey car park and the outdoor car park. Cree Lighting has already provided the technology to the IKEA Milan store with outstanding results and so was selected for the Wembley upgrade.


555 Cree 304 Series luminaires with 40 LEDs each were installed inside the parking garage at a height of 2.5 m and at an interdistance of 8.5 x 5 m. All these devices use a symmetric optics system (type QV). They also feature the G Multi-level option to regulate power.
62 Cree Ledway Road luminaires with 40, 60, 80 LEDs each were installed in the outdoor parking lot at a height of 8 m and at an interdistance of 8/9 metres, equipped with asymmetric optics (type AC and TS) and symmetric optics (type QV) based on the requirements of the parking lot.

Project Values:

Covered car-park:

Average illumination: 100 lux, Uo = 0.57

Outdoor parking:

Average illumination: 30 lux, Uo = 0.25

Energy Savings:

A total energy saving of 80% was achieved after the Installation.

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