Fordham Park

London, UK

Project Summary:

Fordham Park is a large public green space with a community centre, play park and sports fields. The Landscape Partnership responsible for the park expressly requested lighting that broke with convention. The response of Light Bureau, the design team that won the brief, was to create colour-coded pathway lighting, identified by red, blue and green LED markers and illuminated by Cree lamps. The light at the intersections between the main footpaths takes on a theatrical role, creating a perception of interaction between the overlapping spaces and the pedestrians moving through them.


Lighting in this park in the London Borough of Lewisham was provided by 50 THE EDGE Park/R fixtures installed at heights of 5-9 m. The design of the custom-built metal posts was based on the industrial type ventilation pipes present on site. All fixtures have a 20 LED output and colour temperature of 4300 K. Optic types were selected to reflect the specific needs of each area to be illuminated: 42 fixtures were fitted with an asymmetric optic type with no back-lighting (TLB or TSB) to direct light specifically onto footpaths. A narrow-beam optic type (15D) was used at the points of intersection of these footpaths, to project narrow, intense spots of light directly onto the ground, giving an improved perception of space.

Project Values:


Average illumination > 7.78 Lux; Uo= 0.4


Average illumination= 40-60 Lux

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