Dark Sky Village Glentrool

Glentrool, Sotland

Project Summary:

Gentrool – the dark sky village in Galloway Forest Park in Scotland gets better light control with Ledway Road.


Situated in a Dark Sky Park, Gentrool Village has always been very interested in reducing light pollution, conserving energy and nature. Before switching street illumination from Low Pressure Sodium to LED several on area tests and calculations have been made. After running 40 separate lighting calculations the Ruud Ledway luminaire was deemed to achieve the best technical performance to suit the village site specific test layout.

For the lighting of the streets of Glentrool, a village situated in Galloway Forest Dark Park Sky, Scotland, 18 Ledway Road luminaires have been installed at a height of 6 meters and variable meters spacing, the widest spacing was 44 m apart. All luminaires are equipped with 20 LEDs with colour temperature of 4300K and mount asymmetrical optics (type TM), suitable for roads and street lighting.

Project Values:

  • Average luminance on test section (slight bend with poles spaced varying from 38 m to 44 m) = 4.5 lux; Uo = 0.18
  • Bedroom window light reduced from a calculated 2 lux from the existing lighting to 0.3 lux

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