City of Rome

Rome, Italy

Project Summary:

With about 1500 appliances already installed on roads around Rome, Ruud Lighting has played an important part in a project of such sweeping dimensions, in which Rome leads the way in Europe with a revolutionary response to the restructuring of the city’s lighting.


This project, which sees Rome City Council committed from now until 2020, emerged as a result of the European “20-20-20” Directive to cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions both by 20%, and to increase the use of renewable energy sources by 20%.

THE EDGE Street and Ledway Road fixtures fitted with street optic type TS will be used. A 4300 K colour temperature was selected to guarantee more comfortable night vision and facilitate colour perception. In terms of EU directive compliance, there were three broad project objectives: to consume less energy, to create less pollution, and to spend less on consumption and maintenance.

Another essential requirement specific to Rome was to make the city a safer place and increase the feeling of safety for both the people of Rome and road-users driving at night in the city-centre and in the outskirts.

Energy Savings:

An energy saving of 50% to 70% compared with conventional sodium lamps was achieved. This saving translates into real cost savings, as less energy is used in general and maintenance costs are reduced. Indeed, the electronics will require no work for five years after installation and the lamps for ten years. In environmental terms, the street-lighting part of the project alone will save 50,000 tons of CO2.

Even safety has been exceptionally optimised: the fixtures will diffuse the kind of “neutral” light that is akin to faint daylight with no shadows and with no risk of unexpected failure of the lamps, given that in LED lighting, even if a diode is lost, the light will continue to function.

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