Bike Path with Underpass

Gipuzcoa, Spain


For the illumination of the bike path have been installed 4 LEDWAY Road of 30 LEDs on poles of 4m height. The devices have been fitted with asymmetrical optics without retroflux (type TSB), which directs the light precisely on the track with no light dispersion behind the poles.

In the underpass 11 THE EDGE Canopy of 40 LEDs were mounted at a height of 3.7 m and 15 m spacing. All units feature the S Option bi-level power regulation (virtual midnight) that allows to program dimming according to the needs of the installation.

Project Values:

For the bike path: Average illuminance: 13 lux
For the underpass: Average illuminance: 31 lux – Uo: 0.61

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