Bastia Umbra


Project Summary:

An entire city has embraced the innovation of LED technology, supplying a test track for the versatility and flexibility that distinguish Ruud Lighting products.
Projects included roadways, roundabouts, underpasses, the historic district, and parks and gardens. Since each zone required a different type of lighting to meet aesthetic criteria, three different colour levels were used: one for the historic district (3.500 K), one for the first ring of roads around the historic district (4.300 K), and yet another one for the outer zones and suburban areas (6.000 K).


Historic District:

The Historic District was equipped with 44 luminaires plus 6 more in the cathedral (Ledway Wall and Ledway Street) with power ratings ranging from 40 to 120 LEDs, according to the height of the installation, which varies from 4m to 10m. Optical systems used: TSB for the square and the street, TLB for the alleys.

City Streets:

Thirteen Ledway Street luminaires with 80 LEDs each were installed. The devices were installed on 8-metre poles at an interdistance of 35-metres. The TS optical system was implemented.
Carriageway width 7m.

Peripheral areas:

Various applications have been created in the peripheral areas: roads, roundabouts, underpasses and gardens. 84 The Edge fixtures were used for these projects, including THE EDGE Street, THE EDGE Wall and Ledway Road of 20 to 100 LED.

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