Werribee Level Crossing Removal

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Project Summary

The Victorian Government's Level Crossing Removal project will see the removal of 85 of Melbourne's most dangerous and congested level crossings by 2025.
Construction has already commenced on a number of the crossings; One of the crossings already removed is Werribee Street, in Melbourne's outer west.
A 1km long rail bridge was built in January 2021, separating freight and passenger trains from the 20,000 vehicles that use the crossing every day. Work was then completed on the open public spaces created underneath the bridge.
By constructing an elevated rail line, the project has opened up hectares of open space and parkland for the community.
Melbourne, Victoria, Austria
Victorian Government's
The challenge

The request was to provide highly efficient cutting-edge products that would enhance both the aesthetics and safety of their surroundings while achieving compliance with the light levels recommended by Australian Standards.

As part of this work, Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied 15 x Cree Lighting Syrius LED Street & Area Lights to help illuminate a stretch of pathway underneath the rail bridge.

The fittings were supplied with Type 2 optics in 3000K CCT, perfect for pathway lighting.
The results

The reformed public spaces are now beautifully illuminated by the Cree Lighting® Syrius fixtures.

The installed luminaires vastly improve the visual comfort of the people frequenting the area and contribute to a substantial reduction of energy consumption and maintenance costs, offering a unique opportunity to uphold the ethos of sustainability whilst elevating the safety of the reformed areas.

Moreover, Syrius' sleek, state-of the-art design further compliments the aesthetic aspect of the new pathways.

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