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Project Summary

St John's Primary School, a Catholic school located in Mitcham, on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne, has recently undergone a total redevelopment which included the refurbishment and addition of new areas, and the construction of a multisports field.
Melbourne, AUT
There were many requirements and needs to be met:

LIGHT UNIFORMITY: the facility had to comply with Australian standards (AS / NZS 2560.2.4: 1986 Lighting For Outdoor Netball & Basketball) which regulate the average Lux levels for outdoor sports facilities.

VISUAL COMFORT: The light had to be distributed in an impeccable way and not dazzle neither the players nor the spectators, a prerequisite of the outmost importance since studies have shown that excellent uniformity and a correct color rendering have the ability to increase concentration and encourage a positive attitude in children and adults, with the result that they can train longer and feel less fatigue.

DURABILITY: Any lighting installed had to be reliable and guarantee a prolonged duration over time. The combination of these needs, combined with the need to reduce energy and maintenance costs, resulted in the choice of moving towards the installation of an innovative LED system; The lighting redevelopment project was entrusted to Advanced Lighting Technologies, an authorized distributor of Cree Lighting, which supplied the OSQ series, to illuminate the playing field in the most effective way and allow spectators and layers to enjoy the playing field to the fullest.
Built to last, the housing is rugged cast aluminium with an integral, weather tight LED driver compartment.
Versatile mounting configurations offer simple installation. Its slim, low-profile design minimizes wind load requirements and blends seamlessly into the site.

Project Feedback

"The Cree Lighting OSQ Series blends extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and modern, clean aesthetics."

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