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Project Summary

For many years, warehouse lighting has been a huge expense for any warehouse operator. From the huge energy bills to supply the adequate lighting, to a drop in productivity and a rise in accidents without it, the economics and employee wellbeing aspects of lighting need a thorough examination.
Advancing technology in LEDs and smart controls are making the lives of warehouse operators far easier, however, and maintaining optimum light levels is now simpler than ever before.
Vienna, AUT
The correct lighting conditions are essential to a work environment. Not only do they make the warehouse safer, reducing the number of accidents, but they also raise and maintain concentration with a huge positive impact on the productivity of employees. This is especially important to warehouses which operate 24 hours a day and the employees who work shifts. It is important to remember though that too much light can be as damaging as too little, creating a severely uncomfortable glare.
Speditions FUCHS have been a specialists in transport services for decades.
The company's headquarters are located in Vienna, and in recent years, the company made the decision to substantially upgrade their facilities' lighting to the latest standards, Cree Lighting was the provider best suited for the project.
The solution proposed by Cree lighting was to provide suspended projectors at a height of 5.5m with a grid spacing up to 6 meters with implemented lighting levels, in this way achieving extraordinary levels of uniformity.

To re-define the Spedition FUCHS facilities' lighting conditions, 75 ITP lighting products were installed, ITP offers up to 142 lumens per watt — more energy efficient than traditional fixtures –for maximum savings and even quicker payback.

With an operating temperature range of -30°C to +40°C, even when surface mounted, the ITP Series covers a wide spectrum of cold or hot unconditioned space installations.
Designed from a single piece of polycarbonate, ITP series features IP66 and IK08 protection. Thanks to its innovative design, access to the luminaire and wiring compartment can be managed without tools.

The entire housing is sealed against dust and water ingress, an integrated diffuser provides extreme uniformity and prevents direct view of the LEDs and the pixel effect.

Project Feedback

"We're happy to confirm that mounting is both, easy and quick. Feed-through wiring saves time, cable and tubing, an overal great solution."

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