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Project Summary

Terminal One, the new open-air parking space of the Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana station, was inaugurated on April 7th 2022. The station is managed by the Emilia-Romagna Railways and can be recognized from the distance by the grandiose sail structure built by the world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava.
Reggio Emilia, IT
LED Lighting Used
CXB Series
Terminal One is the intelligent solution for parking management, resulting from the investment of the private company of the same name: it consists of a new parking lot with 1,300 parking spaces that will allow the overall parking area of the station to be increased to over 2,400 parking spaces with access control, video surveillance and advanced public lighting fixtures. Cree Lighting was chosen to provide the lighting products that were needed to illuminate a parking area of such scale and strategic importance. After thoroughly assesing the parameters and intricacies of the area, the Urban Modern series luminaires were selected for the internal area of the parking lot while the XSP1 luminaires cover the surrounding area and the exit/entrance pathways. Cree Lighting Urban Series fixtures combine advanced LED technology to offer great benefits of performance, energy savings and reduced maintenance with a simple, modern style as seen in this particular case or a classical elegant style that blends harmoniously in every urban context.

Parking lot light fixtures are constantly exposed to the elements and need to be able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Cree Lighting's LED luminaires are built with durability in mind and provide exceptional, reliable lighting year-round.
They also require way less maintenance and no replacement light bulbs. Older metal halide technology, in addition to colour shifts and random lamp outages, is a very narrow spectrum colour source. The Cree Lighting Urban Series luminaires offer an LED solution with a much broader colour range. This fuller colour spectrum provides more realistic and distinctive colour renderings that can contribute to a more consistent visual experience, lighting spaces with beautiful uniform light.
The installation of cree lighting fixtures at the parking area of the Reggio Emilia AV Landmark train station has transformed the entire area, guaranteeing exceptional lighting conditions while making it safer for the continuous flux of people who utilize it on a daily basis. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of the cree lighting led products, the administrators of terminal one won't have to worry about timeconsuming, replacement routines and costly maintenance.

Project Feedback

"Terminal One is not intended to be just a parking area, but a hub where new services are developed for travelers. We want the Mediopadana station to become a strategic center of nation-wide mobility and a railway / motorway nexus"
Guido Prati, President, Terminal One S.p.A

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