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Project Summary

Q8 has opened its "Flagship Station” in Paderno Dugnano (Milan), a service hub that’s able to meet the latest, most demanding gas station standards. 
Paderno Dugnano, It
The new service station, along the Milan-Meda highway, was inaugurated on September 10th. The plant features a striking, modern architecture and extends over 8,000 square meters (with a roof shelter of
over 1400sqm), boasting numerous refueling stations, both for vehicles with traditional endothermic engines and forelectric ones.
The project was carried out in the name of respect for the environment and the current energy transition.
Thanks to an eco-sustainable structure, the installation of LED lighting with motion sensors and the use of recyclable materials paired with renewable energy, it has been possible to make this station a flagship
of unique excellence in Europe, capable of offering various re-fill options for every type ofvehicle while retaining a firm focus on sustainability.

Available with a flat or prismatic drop lens, the luminaire provides two aesthetics in order to meet visual and illumination performance needs. The slim, low-profile design enhances curb appeal, while offering seamless installation.
Capable of saving more than 68 percent energy compared to traditional source technologies and up to 35 percent compared to first generation LED, the CPY canopy luminaire also provides improved lighting quality that contributes to creating a safe and inviting site. Designed for ease of installation and versatility, the CPY LED Canopy luminaire can seamlessly mount directly to virtually any canopy.

By installing cree lighting's cpy series luminaires, Q8 was able to reach both goals, obtaining a result that speaks for itself: an immediate and substantial
maintenance cost reduction and equally impressive energy savings regarding the operation of the plant. 

Project Feedback

"Our presence here today" - declared Nawaf s. Al-Sabah, president of kuwait petroleum international - "testifies to the interest of the shareholders in strengthening the Q8 brand in europe and in italy, a country that the shareholder considers strategic and crucial. in the european and mediterranean downstream in particular"

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