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Project Summary

Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd. specialises in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and oral solid drug product development. They offer a wide range of services, including clinical supply, commercial manufacturing and packaging, catering to both innovators and generic pharmaceutical companies.
Morpeth, UK
Rising energy costs, labour expenses, and the difficulty in sourcing replacement tubes drove the need for a lighting upgrade. Furthermore, the client aimed to improve the lux levels across the warehouse, particularly in areas with fixtures mounted at a height of 11.14 meters amidst high racks to ensure a safe and productive workspace for employees.

To address the warehouse's lighting needs, Glowled®, a specialist in energy-efficient lighting systems, collaborated with Cree Lighting Europe to deliver a comprehensive lighting solution.The design centered around the installation of 106 units of Cree Lighting's latest high bay fixture, INDUSTRIA, and 6 units of CPY.
The results
The outcome of the lighting transformation project far exceeded the expectations of Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd. The benefits were twofold: a substantial reduction in energy costs, estimated at £45,000 per year, and an additional yearly savings of £4,000 in maintenance expenses.

• 62% Less fixtures
• £45K/year Anticipated energy saving

• £4K/year Anticipated maintenance saving
• < 2 years Payback 

Project Feedback

"We recognised an opportune moment for the client to transition to LED lighting technology. Consequently, we presented a proposal to renovate their warehouse using Cree Lighting's cutting-edge modular high bay fixture, Industria. The outcome has been twofold – not only have substantial cost savings been realised, but the upgraded lighting has significantly enhanced the quality of illumination. In fact, employees have attested to the improved lighting scheme, finding it notably more conducive for completing their tasks."

Arzhang Tahmosybayat

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