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Project Summary

Newcastle Interchange is a transport interchange serving the city of Newcastle, Australia. It serves as the termini for Around 300 buses a week, for Newcastle Light Rail services and Newcastle Transport bus routes.
New South Wales, AUS
The interchange is now the final stop for customers travelling to Newcastle by train and provides a seamless link to buses, taxis and the Newcastle Light Rail, which opened on February 18, 2019.
The project involved the truncation of the Newcastle heavy rail line, and the design and construction of a new station and public transport hub, opening up the foreshore and revitalizing the urban environment.
In 2018 The brand-new Newcastle Bus Interchange has been touted as "the final transport link” in the NSW Government's $650m "Revitalizing Newcastle" program and the new bus interchange opened on 5 July 2020.
This new hub of major importance had to be illuminated to the latest standards, that's when Advanced Lighting Technologies stepped up to the task.
The completion of the project presented various challenges including the unique mounting position of the luminaires and achieving the required light levels while utilizing diverse lighting methods.
Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the Cree Lighting OSQ High Output LED Area & Flood Light as part of this project. The bus interchange was illuminated to Transport NSW's lighting standards using a mix of direct and indirect lighting techniques, designed to minimize glare for both drivers and commuters.
The Cree Lighting OSQ HO Series changes the standards for high output lighting. With exceptional lumen output levels, one luminaire can replace multiple Metal Halide fixtures.
The result is more than 80 percent energy savings at exceptional performance levels. Compared to other LED solutions, its smaller and lighter, making it easier to install while minimizing wind load requirements.
The 5000K version features TrueWhite® Technology, which renders true-to-life colors with a CRI score of 90 and optical distributions that are optimized for automotive frontlines, large parking lots and high mast applications.

Project Feedback

"The luminaires were not to be installed on the ceiling but mounted on the structure's many columns instead. The target lighting level was 160 lux at night, with consideration for higher lux values in the daytime. Special attention was given to the transition zones, ensuring bus driver's vision could safely adapt from daylight to artificial light."

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