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Project Summary

ESCo: Engie Italia
Municipality: Frosinone
Astronomical Observatory of Campocatino
Project: A3S Progetti
The Frosinone project represented a real challenge.
The final result was possible to reach thanks to a teamwork that involved the most varied key players: The ESCo Engie Italia, the Municipality, the A3S design studio and the Astronomical Observatory that supported the development of the project paying particular attention to the control of light pollution.
The collaboration between the different parts was fundamental to reach a quality scenario that satisfied everyone.
The entire project has been managed in an organic way, including the census of all existing lighting fixtures up to the installation and management of the new ones.
Great attention has been paid to the respect of the city's identity during nighttime, dedicated lighting solutions have been studied for the various areas that define the urban layout of the city.

The project numbers are impressive: 8.325 light points, 175 electrical panels, 9.500m of power line for a total management of the plant of 14 years.
The results obtained have allowed citizens and institutions to benefit from safe and efficient lighting but not only that, they will now be able to enjoy a breath of oxygen and of a cleaner environment.
Overall, the energy saving reaches 66% with a total reduction of over 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and around 4,000 tons less consumption of oil.
Each luminaire is equipped with an output regulation device as required by national and regional regulations for the limitation of light pollution. Moreover, thanks to remote control, it will be possible to identify any failures in real-time, with a 12-hour replacement term.
The experience with the Observatory
The Frosinone project has shown how it is possible to drastically reduce the upwards light emission through a responsible usage of the input power installed. Furthermore, the introduction of full cut-off optics has almost eliminated the direct dispersion of light upwards that was visible before the new installation.
The collaboration with the Observatory proved to be fundamental to manage the project in order to protect the night sky and control the light pollution.

The Result
The Frosinone project represented a real challenge. The city reached a new status, qualifying itself as a "smart city". The new system includes the management of video surveillance, Wi-Fi, sound diffusion and recharging of electric vehicles.
The benefit for the municipality thanks to the total renewal of the facilities has resulted in an energy saving of over 60% allowing for a more simplified, punctual and efficient maintenance.
Frosinone now enjoys a new look, and citizens can finally reconnect to their public space appreciating the beauty of the city and the grandeur of the starry sky that surrounds it at night.

Project Feedback

"The use of full cut-off optics has almost eliminated the direct dispersion of light upwards. We noticed a recovery in terms of visibility of about 0.5 magnitudes compared to the city center previously.
Our experience with Cree Engineers, for the modification of the facilities in Frosinone, was certainly positive. Firstly because we have seen a real commitment to the protection of the night sky. We have also appreciated, something that rarely occurs, the study that was done to identify the right degree of luminance to be assigned to each road based on the technical category and the amount of light to be installed to meet the real needs of traffic and users."

Dott. Mario Di Sora | President of the UAI and IDA Italy

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