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Project Summary

Lithuanian railways are a modern part of the European railway system. Lithuanian Railways (Lithuanian: Lietuvos geležinkeliai), abbreviated LTG, is the national state-owned railway company of Lithuania. It operates most of the railway network in the country.
Vilnius, LTU
LED Lighting Used
EDGE HO Series
AB „Lietuvos geležinkeliai" (LTG) constantly carries out railway infrastructure renovation and modernisation projects: capital rehabilitation of roads, bridges, and overpasses, implementation of new signalling systems as well as automation, communication and information systems. In line with this continuous push for advancement and renovation, the lighting of the station was also destined for a substantial upgrade.

UAB Korgas for Lithuanian Railways lighting renovation projects supplied almost 2000 units new Cree Lighting luminaires. To that end, UAB Korgas, the winning company of the tender for Kena railway station lighting renovation project was commissioned to install 175 new Cree Lighting luminaires in total, which would significantly improve the lighting conditions of the station and the surrounding areas, while ensuring a maintenance-free future, coupled with outstanding energy savings thanks to the advanced LED technology of Cree Lighting's products.

The project presented a set of challenges due to the scope and nature of the station itself, the Cree Lighting luminaires had to be installed in a series of particularly high masts, which in certain cases reached 40 meters in height, while the distance between the installed fixtures would sometimes reach 300 meters in length. To effectively meet the lighting needs of a such a large project it was fundamental to minimize light waste and increase luminance as much as possible, to achieve those objectives the EDGE HO series luminaire, which features ideal optical control, with advanced thermal management and a clean, modern aesthetic.

In this context, Cree Lighting is proud to have been chosen as the project supplier and for offering a solution for each specific application field with its LED luminaires. A complete range of high efficiency projectors capable of achieving significantly low power consumption as well as unparalleled durability: Cree Lighting products, are in fact designed for long lasting performance, guaranteeing a service life of over 25 years.
In Cree lighting, we have once again leveraged our decades-spanning experience to serve the people who have chosen Cree Lighting for their lighting needs: the newly designed appliances are produced with durable materials in an ever more sustainable way, they’re designed to be energy-efficient as well as easily maintained and updated.

Cree Lighting product design allows for effortless disassembly and transfer at the end of the service life cycle, in this way our luminaires will also help facilitate Lithuanian Railways efforts to minimize the impact on the environment.

The benefit for Lithuanian Railways thanks to the total lighting overhaul of the facilities has resulted in energy savings of over 60% allowing for a more simplified, punctual, and efficient maintenance.

Kena railway station now boasts a completely upgraded lighting status that ameliorates its services and elevates the overall security of the station area while the numerous commuters and transportation workers now enjoy enhanced quality lighting which facilitates their everyday activities.

Project Feedback

"The benefit for Lithuanian Railways thanks to the total lighting overhaul of the facilities has resulted in energy savings of over 60% allowing for a more simplified, punctual, and efficient maintenance."

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