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Project Summary

ESCo: Hera Luce s.r.l.
Municipalities: Modena, Cesena e Reggio Emilia
Project support: CREE AE Team
The Challenge

Until recently, Europe was equipped with mostly obsolete public lighting systems, usually not compliance with European regulations and light pollution. In recent years, the countries are trying to adopt new technologies and in this sense Italy, thanks above all to the thrust of the ESCo, and of multiple actors that generate opportunities, is moving very quickly.
In 2016 the Emilia Romagna region launched a project to modernize the public lighting network, adopting an LED lighting system. Replacing old obsolete equipment and cutting public spending by supporting a healthy environment are the major challenges that Cree Europe has accepted for 3 cities: Modena, Cesena and Reggio Emilia.
The goal was to install a sustainable lighting system to reduce the energy costs of municipalities, in compliance with European regulations, while preserving the historic city centers and creating a modern, safe and welcoming environment for residents.

The Project

In order to create more pleasant spaces during the night, Cree engineers designed custom lighting solutions for each affected area.
Thanks to the modularity of Cree lighting systems, engineers and lighting architects, they were able to collaborate with local authorities and with an energy service provider to design lighting systems that are easy to install and modulated according to different urban areas: historical squares, hinterland modern, busy roads, industrial complexes and more.
The combination of technological leadership and European taste were the strengths of Cree Europe;

Every Cree appliance is the product of in-depth studies and experiments, always the result of a close collaboration and a long-standing partnership between Italy and America.
Specific optics for each area have been studied, based on the needs of lighting and the risk of light pollution.
15,000 carefully chosen luminaires were installed between the XSP, LEDWAY and URBAN series, all equipped with intelligent presence sensors
All the luminaires have been equipped with Cree's Virtual Midnight and Virtual Midnight Reprogrammable technology, which allows the user to automatically adjust the light level emitted by the time of day using an easy installation.
In this way, Cree has succeeded in reducing pollution and improving infrastructural comfort, thus optimizing quality and safety.

The Result

The collaborative relationship between CREE, Esco and Municipal Councils has led to a speeding up of the project with respect to the scheduled times; at the end of the first year more than 7,500 appliances had been installed, more than twice as expected.
The new devices generated an annual energy saving of about 320 MWh, equal to 930 tons of reduced CO2 emissions, foreseeing at the end of the project an annual savings of about 4200 MWh and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 1700 tons
Not only that, Cree's LED lighting systems have also helped to reduce the costs of the affected municipalities thanks to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, offering a quick return on investment.
Now Modena, Cesena and Reggio Emilia have all the credentials to achieve their sustainability goals and thanks to a 10-year guarantee and dedicated customer service, Cree will accompany them along the way.

Project Feedback

"Investing in a led lighting system for our cities has been a very important choice but the results speak only. Two years after the end of the projects the energy button speaks by everyone finally the cities reached the sustainability targets required and have improved the quality of life of citizens"

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