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Project Summary

Adjustment and efficiency of lighting of the sports facility. The old metal halide floodlights — replaced with a Cree Lighting solution.
Bendigo, Victoria
End User: Bendigo Stadium
LED Lighting Used
CXB Series

Bendigo Stadium is an Australian sports and entertainment center in Bendigo, Victoria.
The stadium's facilities include seven indoor sports courts, major exhibition and function areas, and associated administration facilities.
The stadium has the flexibility to be used for major sporting, cultural and entertainment events and has held such events.
In May 2018, the venue was re-opened after a $23 million redevelopment was completed which upgraded the facilities and increased the venue's capacity.
The newly-constructed main arena is over 2,700m2 ; For major events, the seating can be lowered to create a single show arena that accommodates up to 4,000 patrons.

Requirements & Challenges

Such a flexible stadium required an equally flexible lighting solution. The arena lighting needed to be easily configured to match the type of event being held. Installing the latest in LED technology would mean the lights can also be quickly turned on and off, avoiding the slow warm-up and re-strike time required by outdated metal halide fittings.

Light levels around the arena's entire playing surface needed to comply with the Australian Standard for training and competition play (AS 2560.2.2 – Lighting of Multi-Purpose Indoor Sports Centres).
The show arena (used to host amateur, semi-professional and elite sporting competitions) required additional lighting to allow for high-definition video broadcasts.

High ceilings are inherent of indoor sports centres, meaning specialised and expensive lifting equipment is usually required to access the lights in case of defects or failure. Any lighting installed needed to be reliable over an extended life time.

Spectators, officials and participants in sports such as netball, basketball and volleyball can also spend a great deal of time looking upwards during a match. Luminaires installed where these sports are played should generate minimal glare to ensure maximum visual comfort.
The Solution

ADLT, authorized distributor of Cree Lighting in Australia, drew upon our considerable sports lighting experience to specify a world-class solution that matched Bendigo Stadium's world-class venue.
The Cree CXB Series LED High-bay luminaire offers an ideal solution; a lightweight, compact luminaire which is easy to install and comes in a range of lumen packages. The aluminum reflector provides an excellent shielding angle to hide the light source, reducing the distraction to players, officials and spectators alike. The Cree CXB Series also comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, offering peace of mind to stadium operators.

The result

A dynamic, modern venue like Bendigo Stadium requires an equally-capable lighting solution; This has been achieved with the Cree CXB Series LED High-bay. The CXB's exceptional uniformity and color rendering means spectators won’t miss a moment of the action when cheering on their team, while the glare-reducing reflectors means players and officials won't be distracted during that crucial jump-ball or free throw. Excellent lighting starts with excellent lighting design, and clever spacing of the luminaires has resulted in uniform illumination across not only the playing area, but the sidelines and scorer's tables too, reducing the risk of an incorrect call or a controversial refereeing decision affecting the outcome of a game. With the Cree CXB Series requiring virtually zero maintenance over its expected 100,000 hour lifetime, combined with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, Bendigo Stadium can rest assured lighting is one thing it won't have to worry about for the foreseeable future.

Project Feedback

"It's definitely something we can be proud of in Bendigo. What other city in regional Victoria would have a venue like this for 4000 people?
We're very proud to be hosting big matches and hopefully there are many more to come."

Mr Nathan O'Neill | Bendigo Stadium CEO

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