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Project Summary


ASA Technology Produktions, designs and manufactures coolers and compact hydraulic solutions.
The company needed to revitalize its facilities, replacing the original discharge lamps by using high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures which would improve the level of safety in the goods handling warehouse.
Moreover, they were looking for a long lasting, reliable solution that would allow for a virtually maintenance-free future.
Vienna, Austria
ASA technology Produktions

The solution proposed by Cree lighting was to provide suspended projectors at a height of 5.5m with a grid spacing up to 6 meters with implemented lighting levels, in this way achieving extraordinary levels of uniformity.

In order to re-define the ASA facilities’ lighting conditions the Stellar lighting products were installed with variable power levels ranging up to 250W, which in conjuction with 90 ° and 120° diffusing optics rendered beyond-the-standard light uniformity possible.

The Stellar series combines best-in-class industrial-grade durability with the longest market warranty (5-years).
The lightweight design of the product along with its uncompromising modularity and the versatility of the mounting systems available, allowed for a swift lighting conversion while the high efficiency of the projectors reduced energy consumption to a minimum from day one, resulting in approximately 60% energy savings and giving the entire project an expected payback time of 2 years.

The selected light colour - CCT - was neutral white, which improves the sensation of brightness without being excessively distracting even at high lighting levels.

The high colour rendering index improved the day to day activities of the operators in the work areas and thanks to the ultra-diffusing design of the STELLAR lenses, glare control was no longer an issue.

To complete the lighting refurbishment, Cree Lighting provided ASA with the CFL Series LED flood lights for the purpose of lighting the exterior of the building as well as the loading / unloading areas, all connected to a central control unit with a motion sensor. Additionally, Asa technology Produktions installed an Energy series street lighting product and a Pathway series bollard.
The results

Asa technology Produktions will no longer have to worry about their facilities' lighting needs. Our products will ensure that operators will enjoy exceptional long-lasting lighting conditions, both in terms of well-being and safety, thanks to our highly efficient, cost-effective and visually pleasing led lighting solutions.

Project Feedback

"Interior luminaires powered by Cree Lighting®, deliver a powerful combination of uniform light distribution with low glare and high color rendering. With the Stellar Technology, you demonstrate to your employees that you care about every aspect of their working experience"

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