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Project Summary

More and more often, it becomes particularly challenging to replace old existing luminaires, even when using the latest LED lighting technologies. In the case of the Municipality of Naples, given the vastness of the territory, the city went with the innovative solution of a series plant, a type of installation developed for large cities, which allows for the supply of very extensive circuits utilizing just a few cabins without any voltage drop-related inconveniences.
Naples, It
In June 2017, thanks to the broader energy efficiency plan, the Municipality of Naples entrusted the management of the project to a company operating in the development sector, by signing an agreement for a 12-year integrated management of public lighting systems.

The project, which began about five years ago, foresaw a vast number of changes and improvements to both street furniture and street lighting systems in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Redeveloping the lighting systems of a large city like Naples was a huge challenge, for this very reason, the development company has chosen Cree Lighting International as a technological partner. The project called for the replacement of 60,500 light points with LED fixtures equipped with the SmartCity technology, starting from the peripheral areas, and gradually moving towards the city center.

Thanks to our LED technology we have been able to develop custom versions of our luminaires, compatible with existing systems without the need to transform them into branch systems (traditional lamps use high currents in alternating current (50hz) and constant values, while the LEDs are driven in direct current).
For the redevelopment of Naples' urban lighting, the XSP and URBAN series luminaires by Cree Lighting were selected, which being 100% compatible with the existing system, allowed the company in charge of the project to avoid the replacement of the lamp transformers at the base of the pole and to reduce both system maintenance costs and energy consumption across the board.

Already in 2019, a report by the Observatory on Italian Public Accounts recognized Naples as the most virtuous city in terms of minimizing waste of public lighting. Today, thanks to the collaboration with the development company, Cree Lighting International continues to contribute to the redevelopment of the city ensuring a sustainable future without ever losing sight of the importance of lighting efficiency and visual comfort.


The synergy between Cree Lighting and the development company was fundamental for achieving the project objectives:
-Reduction of management and maintenance costs;
-Reduction of Co2 emissions;
-60% energy savings
-Greater safety and better road conditions even in peripheral areas where previously there was little to no lighting.

Project Feedback

"An intervention that looks to the future, in terms of safety and respect for the environment"

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