Vado Tunnel

A1, Bologna, Italy

Project Summary:

The Vado Tunnel required lighting that would take into account the three traffic lanes: The devices were assembled on a double ducting system at an interdistance of 10 metres (per each duct), thereby exploiting the versatility of the light points in terms of power: the entrance zone was supplied with 60-LED fixtures while 40-LED fixtures illuminate the end zone.


Tunnel length 1,128m.; 3 lanes of traffic. Double ducting lighting system. Devices installed at an interdistance of 10 metres. The tunnel lighting system comprises 185 Ledway Tunnel devices of 60 LEDs each and 70 luminaires of 40 LEDs each mounted on a double ducting system at an interdistance of 10m (on each duct).

Project Values:

In keeping with current laws on tunnel lighting systems, the necessary levels of luminance were attained by installing 60-LED fixtures at the entrance of the tunnel and fixtures with only 40 LEDs for the end.
Luminance levels obtained with 40-LEDs fixtures: 2.26 cd/m2 average on the ground with U0 = 0.72.
Even the luminance levels calculated on the walls are somewhat interesting, considering the use of fixtures with only 40 LEDs (total power of 55W). The average luminance obtained on the walls is 3.54 cd/m2 with overall uniformity of U0=0.86.

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