Tunnel Control Room

Barcelona, Spain

Project Summary:

Spanish tunnel company Tabasa has chosen Cree LED to illuminate the control room that overlooks traffic in the 2500m long Vallvidrera Tunnel. The control room is operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tabasa was looking for an illumination system that doesn’t dazzle or tire the operators and was able to adapt perfectly to the diverse lighting needs throughout the day.


A previous installation of CFL lamps was no longer able to meet the full needs of lighting and visual comfort and has therefore be upgraded by Cree CR150 downlights. The new lighting system was then configured on the real work needs of employees in the control room.

Thanks to the electronic control of which LED products of Cree are equipped with, it is possible to reduce the luminance level of the fixtures by lowering the power level by 60% when the operators monitor traffic on the screens. Conversely, when it is necessary to perform precision work the lighting is operating at full capacity to increase the level of illumination.

Project Values:

Average illumination: 480 lux

Energy Savings:

The energy saving through the installation of Cree products amounts to 20%, despite an increase in lighting levels that went from 230 to 480 lux. During daylight hours, when the lighting fixtures operate at a reduced mode, energy savings increases up to 40%.

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