Town of Carbonia

Cortoghiana, Italia

Project Summary:

Carbonia is a town and municipality on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean sea. Located in the south-west of the island it was founded in the 1930s. The name “Carbonia” derives from the italian word for carbon, a resource that is abundant in the region and reflects the initial founding intent, to provide housing for the miners of the nearby coal mines. The Municipality has experienced significant changes and challenges during the last 100 years, after the mining sector was closed down, Carbonia has become a service center for the region, evolving from a miner’s town to administrative headquarters for the province. Following the entrepreneurial spirit of its history, when the municipality decided to renew the city’s lighting system, upgrading to energy efficient LED was a natural choice.


As a result, more than 900 Cree® LED luminaires have been installed through the town of Carbonia and Cortoghiana, choosing the right Cree® luminaire for each application. Nearly 500 Cree® RKT Retrofits kits have been selected to update the inner city’s traditional-shaped fixtures, providing public spaces and parks with beautiful energy-efficient light. 43 Cree® CPY250 luminaires have been installed in the town’s arcades, blending perfectly into the modern style arcade architecture; while streets and roadways are illuminated by Cree® XSP Series and Ledway Road luminaires, choosing the right model based on the lighting needs of each section.

Energy Savings:

Cree® LED luminaires are built to last and will save the municipality service team up to 10 years of relamping.
Adopting an additional luminous flux control system that allows to adjust the lighting levels throughout the whole installation based on the varying required lighting needs throughout the night, it was possible to anticipate a reduction in annual energy use of 50%, all while transforming the neighborhoods with uniform white light.


(The project was executed by Studio EmmeQuadro Ingegneria and managed by Eng. Massimiliano Manis)

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