Towcester Greyhound Track

Towcester, UK

Project Summary:

As part of a million pounds investment plan in 2014, Towcester Racecourse expanded its circuit. In the aim to quickly establish itself as the premier greyhound track in the UK, Towcester chose modern technology to create an appealing environment for guests, including large screen systems installed throughout the viewing areas, the latest high-definition 50 square-meter large screen installed in the track area, and high-performance Cree® LED lighting installed around the track, guaranteeing a highly thrilling visual experience.


A total of 62 Cree Cree EdgeTM High Output (HO) light fixtures featuring 415V voltage and a GRAFIK Eye® 3000 series Control Unit system have been installed on the track, allowing high quality lighting and lower energy consumption, with reduced maintenance costs over the company’s industry-leading 10-year warranty. Anti-flicker tests have also been conducted to ensure top light quality for video cameras, allowing professional and amateur videos from both the track and tribunes’ angles.

Energy Savings:

Towcester Racecoures estimates that the installation will help them reduce carbon emissions by 72150kg annually while also providing the best performance and energy savings in excess of 60 percent, this representing the most responsible choice regarding the surrounding environment.

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