TotalErg Service Station Gaglianico

Biella, Italy

Project Summary:

Cree LED Lighting Illuminates TotalErg Service Station Gaglianico

TotalErg’s commitment to sustainability policies guides the company to evaluate new technologies with reduced environmental impact across its operations.


Supporting this commitment, TotalErg installed high-quality Cree LED lighting fixtures in its service station located in Gaglianico (Biella). Nineteen Cree® CPY250 LED canopy luminaires now illuminate the fuel pumps in Gaglianico, delivering 82W with a colour temperature of 5700 K, replacing 19 metal halide (MH) 150W each.

Energy Savings:

The choice of LED fixtures has resulted in immediate and substantial savings related to maintenance and energy costs.

Cree’s CPY250 luminaire is designed to consume 75 percent less energy than the MH systems it replaces and 5-15 percent less energy than competing LED luminaires, while delivering exceptional light quality to enhance visual environments. Beyond energy savings, TotalErg is generating significant savings in terms of costs related to the life cycle of the equipment – about 54 percent – and for the maintenance of the same – over 90 percent – with an estimated three year return on investment.

Another distinctive feature of the Cree LED fixtures is related to the product reliability and the quality of light. Outdoor canopy lighting quality can be as beneficial as savings, as guests tend to select gas stations that provide the best perceived sense of security through optimized illumination levels. Cree’s canopy LED lighting can deliver the enhanced illumination desired to improve roadside visibility, helping to attract customers. In addition to an enhanced fuel station environment through even light distribution, the Cree CPY250 luminaires deliver high levels of colour rendering and colour quality to bring out the colours of the new TotalErg brand, enhancing its image.

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