Sofidel Industrial Facility

Capannori, Lucca, Italia

Project Summary:

Sofidel is the first large Italian company to participate in the Climate Savers programme: a concrete commitment to reducing energy consumption. This is a project that brought Sofidel to nominate Ruud Lighting as the ideal partner for meeting its lighting needs: thanks to a system designed to meet the actual lighting needs of the facility and the modularity of the installations, personalised not only by zone, but also by product, Ruud guaranteed a solution that offered absolute efficiency.


The parking lots are illuminated by 27- 80 LED Ledway Street devices with PR optics; the warehouse facilities have 108 Ledway Park devices with FS optics (each with 80 LEDs for the forklift transit area, 60 LEDs for the storage area); the lighting system in the indoor loading and unloading area consists of 54 Ledway Slim luminaires (customized product created ad hoc for this installation), each with 120 LEDs and equipped with Fs optics and Multi-level option to regulate the beam. Furthermore, the zones outside the warehouse entrances are illuminated by 29 Ledway Road luminaires, each with 60 LEDs.

Project Values:

Parking lot:

Average luminance = 18 lux; Overall
uniformity = 0.35;


Average luminance in the forklift transit area = 110 lux;
Overall uniformity = 0.65;
Average luminance in warehouse areas = 65 lux;
Overall uniformity = 0.40;
Indoor unloading and loading area:
Average luminance unloading and loading area = 305 lux;
Overall uniformity = 0.74

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