Shell Petrol Station

Hamburg, Germany

Project Summary:

Shell, a company that has always been concerned with ecological issues and committed to seeking new technologies to reduce environmental impact, required a solution that allowed them to maintain optimal and homogeneous lighting conditions in the service station without wasting energy.

With the installation of Ruud Lighting fixtures it was possible to satisfy both needs, guaranteeing a result that was truly successful in terms of energy and economic savings: a solid 58%, thanks to the use of LED luminaires over traditional HID lighting.


Replacement of an existing HID system.
HID system: 40 – 250W fixtures with HQI lamps (system power: 289W)
LED system: 36 – 100 LED fixtures (5 light bars)
LED lighting works in a bipower system thanks to a presence detector located on each fixture (option K). The bipower system is set so that the fixture can function under two power capacities: 175mA or 525 mA.

Project Values:

The project calls for average ground luminance of 300 lux. In the area around the petrol pumps, the project calls for 419 lux with an average uniformity of Uo= 0.85. Up to 1.8m on the vertical planes of the pumps, there are 155 lux.

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