Island of Smøla in the Norwegian fjords (Norway)

Project Summary:

Founded in 1989, Promek is a Norwegian company that specializes in building aluminium boats for fishing and other industries, located in Nelvika, a small city in the Island of Smøla (Norwegian fjords). In 2012, Promek decided to replace the facility’s current lighting system in order to create a more comfortable environment for its employees, characterized by high-quality and efficient light to help enhance visibility during operations that require extreme precision.


139 Cree Edge Park, with 4000K color temperature, installed at height of 9 metres in a covered hangar of about 3500 square metres.

Energy Savings:

Total energy consumption is now reduced to 21 kilowatts and the lighting system is equipped with dimming capabilities, for added energy usage savings of more than 50 percent.

Long Life:

The Cree Edge Park LED luminaires deliver a superior combination of light quality and a 100,000-hour lifetime, all backed by Cree’s industry-leading warranty.

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