Plaza del Pedrò

Barcelona, Spain

Project Summary:

For this project has been requested a lighting installation that would go beyond the conventional terms, and that could guarantee a totally new and surprising effect.


The use of LED devices with a color temperature of 3500 ° K, within a historian architectural and cultural context as Plaza del Pedrò, has proved a successful choice and the result of the perfect combination of modernity and tradition. The designers chose Cree, installing 11 devices Ledway Road at a height of 6.5 meters, spaced 15 meters apart. Each unit is equipped with 40 LEDs and fitted with asymmetrical optics (type AC).

Project Values:

Average illuminance: 23 lux
Uo: 0.44

Energy Savings:

Before moving to LEDs, the lighting of the Plaza Pedro was based on a 150W lamps. The new LED devices of 92W LED offer an energetic savings of about 46%.

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