Municipality of Frosinone

Frosinone, Italy

Project Summary:

The collaboration between the different parts was fundamental  to reach a quality  scenario that satisfied everyone.

Great attention has been paid to the respect of the city’s identify during nighttime.

Dedicated lighting  solution have been studied for the various areas that define the urban layout of the City.

The result obtained have allowed citizens and institutions to benefit from safe end efficient lighting; In addition, the collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory of Campo Catino proved to be fundamental to manage the project in order to protect the night sky and control light pollution.

Hence, the citizens of Frosinone can be able to enjoy a breath of oxygen end of a cleaner environment.

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The Frosinone Project represented a real challenge,  the numbers of the lighting installations are impressive:

  • 8325 Light Points
  • 175 electrical panels
  • 9500 meters of power line

Energy Savings:

Overall the energy saving reaches 66% with a total reduction of  over 12,000 Tons of CO2 emission in the atmosphere and around 4,000 Tons less consumption of oil.

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