Motorway junction

A12, Genoa, Italy

Project Summary:

Given its specific location, the use of LED fixtures at this motorway junction brings fundamental benefits: first and foremost, increased levels of security for users and maintenance staff, plus reduced costs and fixture maintenance timeframes.


The project includes Ledway Road fixtures made of 80 LEDs (4 Light bars) and driven current of 525 mA. The fixtures were mounted onto 8.5 m poles with an interdistance of 24 metres with positioning of the fixture 80 cm from the road surface. The carriageway width is 3.75 metres. LED lighting allows considerable energy savings, an increase in the level of safety for the users and maintenance personnel, as well as the reduction of maintenance time and costs.

Project Values:

Average ground luminance 1.59 cd/m2, overall uniformity Uo = 0.66

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