Montemurlo Supermarket Car-Park

Montemurlo, Italy

Project Summary:

The project brief was to provide lighting for the supermarket car-park, the main entrance and the goods delivery area.


A bespoke solution was required to respond to the diverse lighting requirements: in the car-park, for example, 31 Ledway Road fixtures were installed on 6 m columns 20 m apart with an asymmetric street optic type (TS). For the entrance canopy, 17 THE EDGE Canopy fixtures were installed at a height of 4.5 m, inter-column distance of 4 m and with a symmetrical optic type (FS). The 17 THE EDGE Wall fixtures installed in the goods delivery area were wall-mounted at a height of 5.2 m and fitted with an asymmetric street optic type (TSB) to drastically reduce back-lighting and direct the light beam straight onto the ground.

Project Values:

Car-park: average illumination > 25 Lux, Uo= 0.35
Entrance canopy: average illumination > 114 Lux, Uo= 0.7
Goods delivery area: average illumination > 50 Lux,
Uo > 0.40

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