IP Petrol Station

Parma, Italy

Project Summary:

IP has decided to inaugurate its new petrol station in Parma in the sign of the energy savings.


For the illumination of the new IP station in Parma have been installed 24 fixtures 304 Series of 60 LED with a color temperature of 6000 K. The devices were mounted at a height of 5 m and are equipped with symmetrical optics (type FS), which guarantees optimum uniformity.

Project Values:

Average illuminance = 150 lux on the ground in the shelter, 100 lux on the vertical planes of the pumps
Uo = 0.6

Energy Savings:

With the installation of Ruud Lighting equipment it has been possible to achieve energy savings of 60% compared with the discharge plant with 250 W lamps provided in the initial project. The new LED lighting system is part of a broader program aiming at environmental sustainability. At the service station has also been installed a photovoltaic system.

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