Industrial Lighting

Lucca, Italy

Project Summary:

Light that reaches every space perfectly, eliminating shadows and unevenly lit areas, gives people, workers in particular, a sense of safety, making it easier to work through the night as well. This kind of light must be clear, pleasant, akin to faint daylight and also (and most importantly) flexible, able to adapt perfectly to the diverse lighting needs throughout the plant, from the warehouse and goods loading/unloading area to the factory floor where production takes place.


Internal goods loading – unloading area:

54 Series 227 fixtures of 120 LED with optic type FS and light control (option G) were installed.

External goods loading – unloading area:

The following were installed in the outdoor goods loading/unloading area:
10 Ledway Road fixtures of 60 LED wall-mounted with an optic type free of back-lighting (PRB).
4 Ledway Road fixtures of 120 LED with optic type PR installed on columns 11 m above the ground.

Project Values:

Internal goods loading/unloading area:

Average illumination= 300 Lux
General uniformity Uo= 0.74

Finished products warehouse – vehicle aisles:

Average illumination= 105 Lux
General uniformity Uo= 0.65

Finished products warehouse – storage bays:

Average illumination= 65 Lux
General uniformity Uo= 0.35

External loading/unloading area:

Average illumination= 25 Lux
General uniformity Uo= 0.40

Processing area:

Average illumination= 307 Lux
General uniformity Uo= 0.95

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