Häggvik Tunnel

Stockholm, Sweden


In this project, a total of 196 THE Edge Tunnel fixtures were installed at a height of 5.2 m and between 1 m and 10 m apart. These included: 98 fixtures of 100 LED, 22 fixtures of 80 LED and 18 fixtures of 40 LED with a symmetrical beam optic (type FS). A further 58 THE EDGE Tunnel fixtures of 40 LED with an asymmetric street optic type (TS) were used to provide permanent illumination of the circuit. All fixtures were fitted with optional light control (option D#) to allow the Swedish Traffic Authority to interact via the web and manage the system in real time with the utmost flexibility.

Project Values:

Average luminance (cd/m2): 7-200
Uo: > 0.8

Energy Savings:

In this particular project, The Edge Tunnel fixtures of three different strengths were used. These were installed on customised mountings, allowing them to be adapted to the existing cable ducts. Very high levels of luminance were achieved, the average being 220 cd/m2 at the tunnel entrance followed by four different areas of luminance, from 115 cd/m2 to 7 cd/m2, within the tunnel. This tunnel has also been the subject of a research project into how energy consumption can be optimised with LED lighting in tunnels, carried out by the Swedish Traffic Authority.

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