Project Summary:

The Forgital Group is a leader in the production of hot-rolling rings made of steel and other alloys. The wide range of rolled rings manufactured by the Forgital Group are used in mechanical transmission applications by a number of industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, construction, mining and power generation.

In August 2013, a pilot project to test Quantum’s LED technology featuring intelligent lighting management was started at Forgital’s manufacturing facility in Velo d’Astico, in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy. During the design and planning of the project, engineers had to take into consideration the harsh environment within which the lighting fixtures would be required to operate, including extremely high temperatures accompanied by high levels of electromagnetic noise produced by the mills and presses in the plant.

Following the success of this pilot, all the old lighting installations in the plant were replaced with over 600 Cree LED lighting fixtures equipped with the integrated control and management system QLight by Quantum. And at the end of 2015, the old lighting in the plant’s external perimeter, including the service area and parking lots, was replaced with the newest Cree Edge™ HO 240 LED luminaires, providing a bright and safe environment in the facility’s exterior.

The overall project involved practically every area of the plant: the entire interior industrial complex, the technical workshop areas, the loading and unloading area, parking lots, and around the perimeter of the site. In total, 439 Cree LEDway® luminaires were used for the perimeter and external areas, replacing the obsolete 125 watt discharge devices. For the outside areas of the plant, including the parking lot, the old 1000W and 500W metal halide lamps have been replaced by two Cree Edge HO 240 LED luminaires and five XSP1™ LED street luminaires, and the ones on the inside, old 400W metal halide lamps were replaced with 18 Cree 304 Series™ luminaires.

Since the switch to LED, the annual power consumption of Forgital’s Velo d’Astico site has decreased by 1.3 GW/h, the equivalent of reducing 4,000 tons of harmful CO2 and a return on the entire investment in approximately one year. All devices are also equipped with Quantum’s “Industrial Internet of Things” software to regulate and control the flow of each light in the entire illumination system of the plant for an additional 25 percent saving in energy and further reduced environmental impact, compared to a traditional installation of LED luminaires.

“We are proud of our work and of an Italian company like Forgital, a world leader in innovation and technology, that has once again taken the lead in choosing our energy efficiency solutions for intelligent lighting of its plants,” remarked Mr. Martini, CEO of Quantum.

For this important project more than 600 Cree® LED luminaires have been used for providing better visibility in different parts of the entire plant, from the technical work areas to external ones,” said Alessandro Targetti, Sales Director at Cree Europe.  “Thanks to the efficiency of Cree® LED luminaires, it was possible to offer Forgital a significant energy savings of 75%, with a fast return on investment and a reduction in maintenance costs compared to the old lighting system.”

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