District S. Spirito

Florence, Italy

Project Summary:

The installation carried out in the district of S. Spirito, one of the oldest and most picturesque of Florence, seizes the opportunity offered by LED technology, which illuminates the area in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way.


The project involved the replacement of Ruud Rectangular fixtures (now Cree) equipped with a 100W discharge lamp, with 184 units Cree THE EDGE Wall (40 LEDs, for a total effective absorption of 70W) equipped with asymmetric road optic without back-lighting (type TSB). This first installation of LED lights in the neighborhood S. Spirito is part of a broader project of the City of Florence, aimed at the regeneration of certain areas of the city and to the reduction of energy consumption, objective in line with the 20-20-20 strategy of the European Union.

Project Values:

Average illuminance: > 20Lux
Uo > 0.4

Energy Savings:

The installation achieves outstanding results in terms of energy savings (about 46%) and in the reduction of light pollution.

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