Det Norske Veritas Parking


Project Summary:

While the initial project brief specified 460 fluorescent lamp fixtures of 49 W to light the four levels in the covered car-park, the 264 LED fixtures actually installed reduced energy consumption by 51% compared with the fixtures originally planned.


In this project, 57 fixtures, 304 Series, of 60 LED were used with a colour temperature of 4300 K, installed at a height of 7.5 m and inter-column distance of 8 m. A further 207 fixtures, 304 Series, of 40 LED with 4300 K colour temperature were installed 7 m apart, at heights of 2.5 m and 5 m. All fixtures were fitted with a symmetrical optic type (FS) suitable for soffit applications. Light levels can be easily adapted to suit any requirement using the electronic control system, which allows 0-10 V remote dimming (option D).

Project Values:

Average illumination: 75 Lux in vehicle transit areas and 300 Lux at the entrance.

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