Cub Foods

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Project Summary:

A large space, with multiple access, transit and service areas.


The final project resulted in the installation of 56 Ledway Street luminaires with eight LEDs each for a total of 160 LEDs with QV optics, 18 Ledway Wall devices with five LED modules each (100 LEDs) and PR optics, 10 Ledway Street luminaires with 12 LED modules each (240 LEDs) and TLB optics (no retroflex), 7 Ledway Street luminaires with 8 LED modules each (160 LEDs) and TLB optics (no retroflex). All Ledway Street devices featuring TLB and QV optics were installed on 8m poles. Ledway Wall devices were installed directly on the building at an average height of 5.5 metres.

Project Values:

The levels of luminance and uniformity obtained notably increase customer visibility and safety in total conformity with light pollution regulations.

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