Crocina Tunnel

A1, Arezzo, Italy

Project Summary:

February 2008:for the first time, Italian motorways chose LED lighting for one of its tunnels. Ruud Lighting BetaLED is its partner in this innovation, aimed at improving the safety of drivers, while at the same time reducing costs.


This project called for the replacement of existing 100W High-Pressure Sodium fixtures for permanent lighting with Ledway Tunnel products with 3 bars (60W) and PR asymmetric optics. The installation of the LED products was done on the existing duct at a height of 5 m above the ground.

Project Values:

Comparison between 100W HPS/ 60W LED:
HPS Values: Average
Luminance 3 cd/m2, average vertical wall luminance = 8 lux, horizontal and vertical uniformity scarce, colour rendition Ra = 25.
LED Values: Luminance 2.4 cd/m2, average vertical wall luminance = 50 lux, horizontal and vertical uniformity excellent, colour rendition Ra = 75.
The lower level of luminance is more than compensated for by the increase in uniformity and the improved visual perception due to the use of white light. The new UNI 11248 standard allows the use of lower luminance levels if a source with a colour rendition higher than 60 is used, as in the case of LEDs.

Energy Savings:

Energy savings deriving from the lower power consumption (60W with LED compared to 100W of the HPS lamps replaced) amounts to 40%.

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