CORRBOARD UK LTD – Industrial Spaces Lighting

Kettering, UK

Project Summary:

Corrboard UK Limited is a packaging and containers company located in Kettering, United Kingdom. In September 2014, Corrboard decided to replace the factory and warehouse spaces’ High Pressure Sodium lighting system in order to create a more comfortable environment for its workers with enhanced visibility during production and transport operations.

Corrboard selected Cree 304 Series™ luminaires, installing 460 fixtures, each featuring 60 LEDs with a color temperature of 4000K.

In addition to improved light quality, maintenance cost savings also represent one of the major benefits Corrboard realized when making the switch to LED lighting. Designed for extended lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and easy to install, Cree LED luminaries will last much longer than conventional lighting, which equates to fewer replacements over time and less money spent on maintaining the lighting system. The low maintenance and long life of Cree LED lighting frees up facility personnel and equipment for use elsewhere. No more disruptions and no more intrusions to replace short-lived fixtures

Cree 304 Series™ luminaires deliver a bright white light diffusion: LEDs provided Corrboard factory employees with a clear line of sight at their workplace. This positively affected their whole production and transport processes, such as barcodes scanning. Moreover, the new lighting strongly contributed in improving individuals’ safety, with brighter light being gladly welcomed by workers.

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