Connersville High School Gymnasium

Connersville, Indiana, USA

Project Summary:

Connersville High School (CHS) in Connersville, Indiana, home to the Spartan Bowl – one of the largest gymnasiums in the state, recently replaced dim and costly metal halide high-bay lights with Cree’s CXB Series. Prior to installing Cree’s CXB High Bay LED luminaires, it took eight minutes for the gym’s lights to reach full brightness. The existing 26 fixtures − 400-watt metal halide high-bay lights − had grown dim over time, costing the school considerable time, utility and maintenance costs as the fixtures aged.


The solution was swapping existing fixtures for Cree® CXB Series 24,000-lumen high-bay fixtures with a 4000K color temperature, boosting light levels with improved color rendering, while cutting energy usage in half and offering zero maintenance requirements for years to come.

The new light fixtures have made a significant difference and the return on investment — like night and day, as the saying goes. The most visible improvement is the instant light output at the flick of a switch. And yet, energy consumption has dropped to half that of previous fixtures — down to 230 watts from 458 watts — with more than double the brightness.

Energy Savings:

After the installation of Cree lighting products 50% of energy was saved, while doubling the brightness.

Long Life:

10 years virtually maintenance free.

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