Chemical Industry Lighting



Outdoor lighting

Lighting for the tank area outside the plant was provided by 39 Ledway Road fixtures of 60 LED (113 W system output) with 6000 K colour temperature, mounted at a height of 12 m, replacing the existing 400 W HPS lamps.

3 Ledway Road fixtures of 110 LED were installed in the goods loading/unloading area at a height of 11 m, replacing the 400 W HPS lamps.

The light delivered in these outdoor spaces is more uniform thanks to the asymmetric optic type (PR) used, making it more comfortable for workers and drivers and safer for all other users.

Indoor lighting

Inside the factory, 50 lights fitted with 6 fluorescent lamps of 58 W were replaced with 20 EDGE Park fixtures of 60 LED and 30 EDGE Park fixtures of 80 LED with a 6000 K colour temperature, installed at a height of 5.5 m and 8 m apart. Narrow-beam symmetrical optic type FS was selected for the indoor lighting to guarantee optimal illumination and visual comfort in the workplace.

Project Values:

Outdoor lighting:

Average illumination in the area: 10-15 Lux


Indoor lighting:

Average illumination: 240 Lux; Uo= 0.7

Energy Savings:

A total energy saving of 69% was achieved after the installation of the new indoor and outdoor lighting.

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